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With our relocation to the Ozarks in August of 2022, we opened a new healthier and calmer chapter of our lives so we created this site to share it all with anyone who cares to know.

As we ease into this new life, we’ll use this site to reflect on how we got here, the incredible animals we are learning more about each day, give you a little tour of the place and how we run things, as well as a forum to discuss it all.

Of course, there are more than a few reasons for starting this site which we detailed on the Roots & Rules page.

Please bookmark our site, check back often and if you are so inclined, leave a comment.

Site information (boring).
My apologies but my web development skills have been unused for many years now but this has turned out far better than I expected so I am relieved. Here’s just a few things to know as you poke around in here though.

Log ins
My goal was to keep this as “public” as possible, meaning anyone can simply drop by to read/review whatever without logging in. That’s not turning out to be the case as the launch was held up by the legal and DEI departments. Perhaps my ESG scores were too low? Regardless, while browsing/reading is open to all, I intend to keep the trolls at bay by requiring everyone to actually own any commentary they wish to add. So. If you’d like to comment, you’ll be asked to provide a name and valid email address. AND, until I can get the email validation tool working properly, all comments/posts will be be held for my review before appearing.

If you’d like to actually use the blog to post your own material (all are welcome if your ESG score is adequate), then you would have to REGISTER via the link at the bottom of this or any page.

Mobile Devices
I developed this site for viewing primarily on a desktop. It does work on mobile devices, but is a bit different experience. For one, navigation menus are replaced by stacked lines – like seen above to the left side of that black bar under the header (on mobile devices only). Any time you see those bars, (on the Farm Tour page as well), click on them for your options.

Also, because of the limited screen space, turn it sideways (landscape) or else content normally presented side-by-side is presented below the main content. Just scroll down and you’ll eventually see it.

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